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The Manes Family Art & Education Center at the Nassau County Museum of Art provides a learning space committed to engaging members of our community in visual art experiences by providing a gateway to the creative process. This newly refurbished building offers a dynamic and inspiring environment in which audiences of all ages and abilities can find creative engagement through a variety of activities, projects, and talks. With art on view, two art studios, a reading room, and outdoor classroom, children, families and adults will have the opportunity to enjoy programs that include traditional and contemporary forms of art processes and art education. The Manes Center is located on the grounds of the Nassau County Museum of Art. It is the first building on the left after entering the grounds from Northern Boulevard.

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Master Class: Color Opens at Manes


On a crisp autumn night, nearly a hundred art lovers, including several local artists as well as Museum trustees, members and teachers gathered to celebrate the unveiling of new sculpture, the publication of the new museum guide including a map of the sculpture, and the opening of a vibrant new show, the third in the series called Master Class (early ones had celebrated Josef Albers and Hans Hofmann).

Among the fine teachers of color in our time in the show are local heroes Stan Brodsky, Frank Olt and Jessica Cannon. From gouache to enamel, oil, printer’s inks, encaustic and acrylic, the exhibition brandishes a spectrum of media. Sol LeWitt’s exquisitely braided exploration in gouache of the interaction of color is straight out of Albers. By contrast, James Rosenquist is prepared to sacrifice what he rejected as the “purity” of color for the “clarity” of what he called “painting below zero.” Charlie Clough (who is out to “break color”) has a hot hand, more closely related to Hofmann than the cool eye of Albers. The elusive consensus on color is sometimes attributed to cultural differences, but consider Cao Jun, who is aware that his palette is far from Chinese traditional grisaille. He was at the opening, and returned to the museum with Steven Rockefeller, who collects his work.


The Lobby Project: Off the Grid

Tuesday - Sunday
11:00 am - 4:45 pm
Free for visitors

A collaborative installation art project for Museum visitors of all ages.
How were you inspired on your trip to the Museum? Express yourself with art materials provided in our makerspace.

In a fast moving world filled with fun high tech gadgets, we invite you to slow down and create, connect and collaborate with other visitors in this self-guided hands on activity.


The Manes Education Center Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Students, art instructors and staff join Dr. Harvey Manes in a celebration of The Manes Education Center's one year anniversary.

Art Student Suzanne Iardanou shares her artwork with family on exhibition at The Manes Education Center's art gallery in Master Class: The Manes Community.

Celebrating the one-year Anniversary of The Manes Education Center at the Open House, Laura Lynch, Director of Education, Dr. Harvey Manes, Board Member and Reem Hussein, Manager of The Manes Education Center.

Art Instructor, Robyn Cooper with students from her Gouache Painting class at the Open House.

Museum Visitors at The Manes Education Center view work from our summer exhibition featuring works by our Art Instructors and students, Master Class: The Manes Community.


Kenny Scharf Paints The Manes Education Center Mural

The internationally renowned, and locally loved, graffiti artist Kenny Scharf arrived with his daughter Malia (a filmmaker) on an October morning to start work on the freestyle mural on The Manes Family Art and Education Center facade. In only four days, working from early morning until dusk to the accompaniment of his music and plenty of coffee, he progressed relentlessly from a frieze-like border at the top of the building to the curvaceous, flowing figures for which he is renowned. The Gauguin-esque palette bloomed as he deftly covered the building, ending in a final flourish. Exhausted but exhilarated, Scharf “car-bombed” a BMW, indulged a pack of local children by painting the backs of their jackets and then painted a silver silhouette on Dr. Harvey Manes’s jacket.


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